Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Famous Calvin Story

You've probably all heard the Calvin Story by now, but it's the best story of all time, so here it is once again.
Act I

The Scene: Calvin and Kezi are both sitting on my lap.

Kezi: Oh, look, a horse! Horses are so pretty! I love horses.
Calvin: I love waffles! With syrup. They are tho yummy.

Act II

The Scene: Tali and I are talking. Calvin hovers in the background.

Me: Hey, Tali, is it true your dad hates peppermint?
Tali: Ohh, yeah! One time, there was this mint ice crea--
Calvin: I love puppah! It ith not 'pithy, it ith not. And thaut. I love puppah and thaut. I love them both.

Hee hee hee! I love how Calvin hears "love" and his first thought is "Waffles!"
And pepper.
And salt. It is not spicy.

A hilarious child, most definitely... :-)


  1. ith not pithy! ith not! hehehe :)

    btw, I REALLY REALLY like the blog! :) very cute!

  2. I love Calvin :D and his lithp...what idiot put an s in lisp anyways?

    Aaaaaand, you have your very own blog! Thank you for putting our interests first in this endeavor:) So excited to read more.

  3. I love this..... Calvin seems to love the fact that "we have the same hair". They are just the funnest kids! :)

    Love the blog Andrea! Looking forward to your upcoming posts :)

  4. Hey, thanks, Elisa!
    Haha, James. Yes, it's a sacrifice I was willing to make. Just because I'm selfless like that. 0:-)
    Did he really tell you that, Jessica? How funny! Mind, you two really do have the most gorgeous heads full of curls I have ever seen....:-D


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