Thursday, September 2, 2010

Forrest Gump

We just watched Forrest Gump. I love that movie. It’s one of my new favorites. Probably that’s because Forrest Gump himself was such an incredible character. He wasn’t perfect; none of us are. But even though he was still very much a child, he was more a man than many. And this is why…

Because he was a good son.

Because he was a good friend.

Because he was a good husband.

Because he was a good father.

Because he never ignored his common sense.

Because he was courageous.

Because he was determined.

Because when a friend was in trouble, he went back and put his own life on the line to save him.

Because his faith in God was unshakeable.

Because fame and money meant nothing to him.

Because he was unfailingly polite.

Because he didn’t let insults get to him.

Because at the first sign that someone was going to hurt the girl he loved, his immediate reaction was to beat him to a pulp.

And because he didn’t apologize for it afterward.

Because he never gave up.

Because he kept his word.

Because he understood when someone was hurting.

Because he was unwaveringly loyal even until the end.

Because he worked without complaining.

Because he knew when to follow authority and when to ignore it.

Because he was a man of instant decision.

Because he could find the bright side.

Because he was strong.

And because when he loved, he loved with all his heart.


  1. Andrea,
    I love Forrest, too, for all these reasons.
    Thanks for the reminder of a life well-lived.


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