Thursday, January 27, 2011

What Luck!

Those here without the Lord, how do you cope?
— The Newsboys, Breakfast

     About a week ago Allen and I were in a rollover. The entire car just veered off the road and flipped upside down with us in it. Gave us a nasty shock, it did. We both were wearing our seatbelts, so the only wounds my brother and I sustained were sore necks. Imagine! An entire car, a formidable structure of metal weighing upwards of two thousand pounds, and the inexorable forces of speed and ice combined to do absolutely nothing to the two frail human beings inside of it. Not a scratch! Did you ever? It being both very dark and very cold, neither Allen nor I cared very much about the route we had taken after leaving the road, but the next day we revisited the scene and retraced our steps. Or, more accurately, our tire tracks.

     In a strange twist of fate, we missed ramming headlong into a very tall and solid telephone pole. By chance, we did not smash into smithereens on a large structure made of concrete, which was placed in a place where we might have easily done so. Coincidentally, we were able to avoid crashing into a giant pile of rocks. Fortunately, the car landed inches from a boulder which, had we flipped onto it, would have damaged my head to a very great and lamentable extent. Luckily, two helpful gentlemen were driving by at just the right time to see our black car in the dark night. And, in the greatest coincidence of them all, all this happened right across the street from the fire station. And just think! The driver was not even steering. What are the odds. The man who came to tow the car— or rather, the misshapen lump that was once the car —away told us it was the worst he’d ever seen that the passengers escaped unscathed.

     It makes you think, doesn’t it? More specifically, it makes you think how can anyone in the world not believe in God? Chance did not set our car on exactly the right route to ensure our survival. Blind luck did not flip us in the one area it was safe. And it’s not like this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience; lucky accidents like this happen every moment of every day. If you don’t believe that the sovereign Lord of the universe is controlling every tiny push and pull of the laws of physics, who do you thank when your car rolls and you live? When you feel like you are hurtling toward your death on a snowy, icy night, who do you scream to for help? When all is lost, what do you have left? When you have everything, who are you grateful to? Even the cold, unemotional reasoning of science and logic points inexorably to the fact of a driving Force behind every act and motion. There is nothing— no logical argument, no scientific fact, no mathematical equation, no car crash —that does not bear loud witness to the Author who writes this book.

     And we have to know this, ladies and gentlemen. We have to tell the world. God is not an emotional projection of our human minds, not simply an imagination of needy, desperate souls in search of something more than the world. He is real. No, more than that; He is the reality. He invented and sustains the laws of physics. He orchestrates everything; from the tiniest, most insignificant action of a ladybug to every gunshot fired in World War II. He is completely sovereign!

     I know this because once my brother and I were in a car crash. And we were not even bruised…


  1. Praise the Lord! Yes definitely, I can't understand why anyone would possibly believe in a random universe with all the evidence in heir sight. I guess they're just blind.
    Love you Andrea!
    Glad the Lord preserved you and Allen.

  2. I'm so glad you guys are okay. SO glad. <3 Way to give credit where it's due! Praising the Lord with you... :)


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