Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shut Your Mouth

     Perhaps some of you read my post Dirty Little Secrets a few days ago. I actually wrote that in response to this post here. You can click the link, but I’m posting the full text of that post on my blog also. This subject, this obsession with secrecy, is a very big deal to me. It’s the reason this entire destructive system of thinking is allowed to continue. It’s one of the cogs that allow the machine to thunder forward. The trapped ones smile and say, “It’s okay.

     It’s not so bad.

     He didn’t hurt me.

     How can anyone know you need help if you are condemned forever to hide the ugly truth?

     It’s a dreamworld they’ve created. It’s pretty on the outside, with the smiling, intelligent families; the close friendships; the simple lifestyle. Perfect lives. But on the inside, it’s a nightmare. The oppression, it’s a living tomb. The dark truth stays locked safely in a box of secrecy and silence.

     Shut up.

     Don’t tell anyone the things your daddy says to you. Don’t tell them how your mom treats you. Don’t tell them how awful your pastor makes you feel. Be loyal. Be honorable.

     Shut up.

     Hide it. Hide yourself, hide the truth. Don’t let anyone see that we’re not all perfect. Don’t let anyone know about the crime and the abuse.


     So I wanted to address this. I wanted to engage this guy publicly, to make the readers of his blog and mine think twice about a destructive philosophy they’ve accepted unquestioningly for a very long time. So I posted a comment disagreeing with his post. To be fair, he did allow that one to be published, and he also replied o it himself. Then Amy replied to that comment, and so did I. But for mysterious reasons best known to himself, the author promptly disabled the commenting feature for his entire blog and hid all previous comments.

     But I have to do something. I’m taking this public.

     Fortunately, I did save the texts of his original comment and mine, and also the ones Amy and I tried our darndest to get out there. So, following will be the text of his original post, a link to my response, and the subsequent comments.

     The point of this post is not to call anybody out. I don’t want to be rude, and I really don’t care what he thinks or does (although if he would like to join the discussion here, I welcome his presence). But the Philosophy of Shutting Up has existed for too long, and it’s hurt too many people. I want to show you all that keeping your mouth shut is oftentimes the worst thing to do. If any of you think it is right or biblical to cover up another person’s sin ten times out of ten, please tell me why. I want to hear your thoughts.

     This is too important to be left in the darkness. 

     Read the whole thing in this post.

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