Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ten Days of Madness

     My friend Tina and I decided recently that our blogs' respective awesomeness would be markedly increased by a collaboration of some sort. What, we asked ourselves, would be the correct method of undertaking such a task? And we (it was Tina, actually) hit upon it in this fashion: we would write a story together. One of us would write a hundred words and pass it off to the other, who would then write the next hundred words. This madness would continue for ten days, upon the conclusion of which one unfortunate author must devise a fitting conclusion, and we would have a complete story! I am that unfortunate author.

     We have two different themes, which we shall weave together. Tina's is knights, and she has temporarily outfitted her blog accordingly. Mine is ghosts, because ghosts are awesome, but my blog is the same right now as it has been because I'm super lazy. I might fix it up later, but I highly doubt this. I have been lazy for nineteen years. 

     So, without further ado, I present to you the first hundred words of what promises to be an entertaining and possibly uplifting piece about ghosts, knights, and who knows what nonsense we'll come up with. This is just coming off the tops of our heads. And you'll want to read this because we are just that awesome.

   Tina wrote them, and you may read them here.
   Oh yeah. This is gonna be good.

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  1. This is gonna be GREAT Andrea!!! I love that so much:)


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