Saturday, December 31, 2011

25 New Year's Resolutions

My Hopes and Dreams for 2012

1. Continue to be awesome

2. Get in fabulous shape

3. Learn to drive like Jason Bourne

4. And fight like Jack Bauer

5. Post more regularly on my blog, and write shorter posts that don't make people fall asleep

6. Remain awesome

7. Acquire mad skillz on the guitar

8. Write my mystery novel, which will be epic

9. And which will also be picked up by Christopher Nolan, who will make a movie of it and cast Vincent D'Onofrio, Liev Schrieber, Kiefer Sutherland, and Cate Blanchett in starring roles

10. Meet previously mentioned stars

11. And refrain from swooning

12. Learn to speak French

13. Keep up efforts to be awesome

14. Finally muscle past my loathing and read a Jane Austen book

15. Take a road trip of some sort

16. While being awesome

17. Attempt to refrain from becoming insufferable braggart when  my boss's awesome book with my equally awesome illustrations tops the New York Times bestseller list for three months

18. Find true love

19. Just kidding. That one should have been, "Get over heartbreak after realizing that my true love is fictional."

20. Turn 20 years old

21. Become obscenely wealthy through nefarious means

22. Reform

23. Distribute wealth to deserving charities

24. Stay awesome

25. Oh yeah, I probably should have put something like, "Learn to be more patient," or, "Become kinder and more tolerant." Ah well, there's always next year

Cow and Boy, by Mark Liekness

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  1. Andrea,
    You're already awesome, so you can cross all of those off your list. Love, Your Mother


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