Friday, February 17, 2012

Micah's New Blog

     Some of you may know Micah. He's the one who always leaves those long, brilliant comments on my posts that make you go, "Holy cow, that makes so much sense. How is it possible I never thought of that?"

     He's an old family friend. Actually, he's probably our only old family friend that we still contact regularly. 

     The times we used to have with Micah! 

      He, his wife Becky, and their three adorable children (seriously, they are so cute it's not even funny) have since moved far away from us, and I have since grown up. And Micah has totally opened my eyes to so many things.  He's given me reading material, we've had discussions on Facebook, and you've seen the comments on this blog. I am seeing the bible and the world in a completely new light.

     And now Micah has his own blog

     This is my favorite post of his so far, but I love his blog in general. 

     Family Life In The Garden: Transitions

     I love this post, because deep down, it describes all of us. 

     Anyway, go check it out. It's awesome. 

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  1. Thank you Andrea! What a sweet surprise. Your awesome.



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