Saturday, July 30, 2011

Your Weight in Gold

     I remember sermons from our days in an abusive church. I remember the pastor shouting that we were nothing more (and perhaps considerably less) than helpless, disgusting, worthless sinners. I remember that once he used the illustration of Gollum, who was not only hideous and repulsive, but thoroughly evil and murderous to boot. And I remember believing every word. It was never really a problem for me, because I just kind of took it in stride and accepted it without really thinking too deeply about the repercussions. We weren’t there long enough for the inevitable depression to set in, but it was only a matter of time.

     They really do tell you that, you know. That you’re worthless. That you’re nothing more than a savage, brutish, hideous beast. It’s the first step to complete control: tear down your own good self-image, and convince you that you have no intelligent or good thoughts of your own. Then you’re in perfect shape to accept everything they tell you as the absolute holy truth. Because who are you to say otherwise?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pretty Pretty Princess

     After many conversations with Amy and with friends, it occurs to me that I have been shockingly remiss. What is it, I say to myself, that keeps me from fitting in with the crowd of female Christian bloggers? And, after thinking and thinking and thinking, I answer myself, why of course! I have not written a post about modesty yet! How rude of me. I therefore made the decision to leap on the bandwagon with all the aplomb in my feminine soul, and I’m just sorry I got here so late. However, that shameful negligence is behind us now, and without further ado, I shall present, for your inspection, criticism, and erudition, my thoughts on the subject of modesty (many of which, I might add, were thieved from Amy. Yes, plagiarism, the good old standby of the unscrupulous!)

     Modesty, and the definition thereof, has become a very very big deal. It depends on who and where you are, but in the circles in which my family has traveled in the past, modesty basically means