Tuesday, October 18, 2011


A clever trick, a smiling thief
Will you give me your full belief?

A heart of stone, a charming bell
The weapon of the prince of hell

Assassin of so many dreams
I am a tool for evil schemes

I murder love; I ruin friends
I laugh to see their smiles end

I’m beautiful, with charming ways
Can’t see past my disarming gaze

You’ll love me and you’ll think I care
And follow me through storm or fair

You’ll think my evil heart is good
And all the time, I’ll shed your blood

I’ll ruin you with lies and pain
But you’ll come back to me again

I’ll kill you soon. I’ll watch you die
And you’ll still trust my every lie

Be careful now. You think you’re safe
But stay on guard, or I’ll invade

I’ll snatch you up, ensnare your feet
And you’ll say thanks

To me,


© Andrea Grace

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shut Your Mouth

     Perhaps some of you read my post Dirty Little Secrets a few days ago. I actually wrote that in response to this post here. You can click the link, but I’m posting the full text of that post on my blog also. This subject, this obsession with secrecy, is a very big deal to me. It’s the reason this entire destructive system of thinking is allowed to continue. It’s one of the cogs that allow the machine to thunder forward. The trapped ones smile and say, “It’s okay.

     It’s not so bad.

     He didn’t hurt me.

     How can anyone know you need help if you are condemned forever to hide the ugly truth?

     It’s a dreamworld they’ve created. It’s pretty on the outside, with the smiling, intelligent families; the close friendships; the simple lifestyle. Perfect lives. But on the inside, it’s a nightmare. The oppression, it’s a living tomb. The dark truth stays locked safely in a box of secrecy and silence.

     Shut up.

     Don’t tell anyone the things your daddy says to you. Don’t tell them how your mom treats you. Don’t tell them how awful your pastor makes you feel. Be loyal. Be honorable.

     Shut up.

     Hide it. Hide yourself, hide the truth. Don’t let anyone see that we’re not all perfect. Don’t let anyone know about the crime and the abuse.


     So I wanted to address this. I wanted to engage this guy publicly, to make the readers of his blog and mine think twice about a destructive philosophy they’ve accepted unquestioningly for a very long time. So I posted a comment disagreeing with his post. To be fair, he did allow that one to be published, and he also replied o it himself. Then Amy replied to that comment, and so did I. But for mysterious reasons best known to himself, the author promptly disabled the commenting feature for his entire blog and hid all previous comments.

     But I have to do something. I’m taking this public.

     Fortunately, I did save the texts of his original comment and mine, and also the ones Amy and I tried our darndest to get out there. So, following will be the text of his original post, a link to my response, and the subsequent comments.

     The point of this post is not to call anybody out. I don’t want to be rude, and I really don’t care what he thinks or does (although if he would like to join the discussion here, I welcome his presence). But the Philosophy of Shutting Up has existed for too long, and it’s hurt too many people. I want to show you all that keeping your mouth shut is oftentimes the worst thing to do. If any of you think it is right or biblical to cover up another person’s sin ten times out of ten, please tell me why. I want to hear your thoughts.

     This is too important to be left in the darkness. 

     Read the whole thing in this post.

Dirty Little Secrets-- I Guess You Could Call It A Sequel

This is the original postCovering Another's Sin. I think it states pretty well what the philosophy is and why people believe in it. 


     Recently I saw a blog where a whiny woman was angry with her father. She took herself to putting all her father's sins on display. Everything he had done against her that she could think of seemed to be put out there for the world to see. Sure, maybe he did some bad things. Maybe they should be taken to the law. I don't know. But one thing I do know is that she's walking around just like Ham who saw his father's sin and then went around telling everyone. Honoring one's parents is very important. It promises blessings. When one dishonors their parents it promises curses. We must be like Shem and Japheth who turned their backs and covered their father's nakedness. They honored him, even though he wasn't perfect. They covered his sin. The exact opposite of what this woman is doing.

     One thing that did surprise me was how many people feel bad for her. Ham's son Canaan was severely cursed for what his father did. Many generations were cursed because of this folly. Maybe the situation is bad. But disobeying the express command to honor one's parents is much worse. Honor takes different forms. Maybe wisdom says to stay away. If they are murdering and raping people on the weekends you are called by the Word of God to be a witness against them. But do we run around laying out their sins for the world to see? No, no, no, no, no. And I pray I never fall into this myself with any of my family or friends.

     I struggle with honor. I like to think I'm right all the time, an intellectual pride. But I need to honor. I feel it's so important. So many lives are ruined by the dishonor of parents. Fornication, robberies, murdering, etc.. Yet we still see the rebellion against authority as a good thing.

     Let's be ones who are honorable. Trustworthy friends that others can rely on should be our goal. It's pretty rare nowadays.


And this is the post I wrote about the whole thing. Dirty Little Secrets.

Andrea's 1st Comment on Covering Another's Sin:

I disagree with this philosophy of covering another's sin. There are many things wrong with it, but I just want to address the practical aspect.
It's dangerous. You said that "trustworthy friends that

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dirty Little Secrets

     I love crime shows. I love ‘em. Reality or fiction, if it’s accurate it makes me happy. That’s why I love Law and Order. I think it’s pretty close to the truth, procedure-wise. Except that Detective Goren (who I love anyway because he’s awesome and a genius and crazy handsome) fiddles around with stuff at the crime scene before they’ve taken all the photographs, which is breaking practically the first rule of forensic investigation. You don’t. Touch. The crime scene. What was I talking about? Detective Goren’s awesomeness always distracts me. Oh, crime. Crime has always interested me. The thing that always shocks me is when a witness comes forward after ten years and says to the judge, “He told me he was going to kill her. He told me his whole plan.” It’s like, really? And you didn’t come forward with this information before she died because...? I think it’s partly because this witness didn’t want to believe that the murderer was really going to go through with it and partly because keeping your mouth shut is counted as a virtue in some systems of thinking.

     That’s probably three-quarters of the reason the world is so screwed up. People see crime or abuse and they just stay quiet and hope it blows over. Because who wants to point out something like that? Speaking about the wrongdoing associates you with the wrongdoing, and for heaven’s sake we don’t want that. Keeping dirty secrets is viewed as loyalty, as the mark of a good friend; or spouse, or son, or daughter, or whatever. And sometimes it goes beyond being a good friend; keeping dirty secrets is occasionally seen as the mark of a godly person. Guess where I learned that?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Batman vs. God?

     Some of you know that I am a nanny. Or a governess. I can't decide on which title I like better. Anyway, one of the perks of my job is the Theater Room, which my wonderful employers let me use whenever the kids are napping or I am off-duty. I love television. I just love it. Even television that is not 24, I love. I especially like crime shows. Like Law and Order! Ooh, I have the biggest crush on Detective Goren! … Ahem! But none of this is the point. The reason I brought this up was because I was going to tell you a story involving TV and my love for it. My boss, you see, recommended that I watch a show he has on Netflix called Mad Men. He warned me, however, that the characters have highly questionable morals. “Oh, that’s okay,” I replied dismissively. “I decided a long time ago that I love TV more than ethics.”

     I was joking, of course. To signify this, I laughed. I also said, “I’m kidding, I’m kidding.” My boss laughed too. But it kind of struck me as funny on a different level, because once upon a time, I meant it.

     I’m sure you can guess the time. It was during my family’s stay in an abusive church. Most of us in that church did not watch TV. In fact, many of us didn’t even own television sets. Movies were okay (if you had ClearPlay), but TV was from The World, and was therefore evil to the highest extent.

     Ahh, The World! It was our Mordor. Nothing from The World could be godly, and if you even exhibited a vague inclination towards what we called “the things of the world,” it would surely lead you straight down into the fires of Hell.
     Perhaps you would be interested in knowing what the phrase “the world” meant for us. Basically, although I would have denied this at the time, the world was any philosophy or thing, especially entertainment, that came from outside or was not sanctioned by our own organization. Not our denomination. Not even our movement as a whole. Our particular church. Everything that was from the world was evil, tools used by the devil to ensnare us and lead our wandering feet down the paths of darkness. Movies, television, books, music, all of it was wickedness. If it was something that “looked okay,” that was particularly dangerous. I had this vague idea that things like television and books without an overtly Christian theme had this subtle, hypnotic power, and they would turn you into an atheist without your knowledge or permission.

     To illustrate just how far this phobic loathing of the world went, I will tell you that our pastor once