Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Faith and Trust in Pixie Dust (or: Why Magic in Literature is Both Awesome and Necessary)

     I love fiction. I love it so much. Especially magic. My entire childhood, including the parts that were supposed to be spent in school or doing chores or sleeping, were spent inside the world of magic. I read and loved the Chronicles of Narnia, the Magic Treehouse, Redwall, Inkheart, Artemis Fowl, and Harry Potter. Oh, how I loved Harry Potter. Also Disney. I was raised on Disney movies.

     And I thought that one day I would grow out of this. Getting your head out of the clouds is supposed to be part of the whole “adulthood” deal. But I haven’t. I still watch Star Wars, I still read Harry Potter, and I still love stupid children’s shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender and not-stupid adult shows like Once Upon a Time. And fairy tales! I am a connoisseur and collector of fairy tales (though I would not recommend this career to anybody else. It appears that almost every fairy tale is the depraved nightmare of a misogynist drug addict). At this very moment I am in the middle of writing a new version of Rumplestiltzkin which stars an ex-witch hunter, a werewolf, and the witch herself. Magic is a part of me. I’ll never lose that.

     I didn’t even come close to losing it in my family’s experience in an abusive church, although I was strongly encouraged to. It was one of the few hills I was willing to die on. You can take my soul, but

Friday, May 4, 2012

Just a Single Lady

     You may have noticed that I write rarely on the subjects of marriage, dating, or courtship. This is because I have never been involved in any of these, and nor do I have the interest to research them. I am ignorant, therefore, and prefer to keep silent. However, I do know one thing very well; the state of being single.

     I think I’ll stay single forever and ever. I have no plans to marry. I fear it and am not willing to take the chance of picking the wrong guy. It’s cowardly, I know, but since when have I been brave? I don’t want to bring any children into this world when so many are already unwanted. I do, however, plan to rock the socks off of Life, and I plan to do it alone.

     And do you know something?

     That idea makes me happy.