Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Poem I Could Not Write

I cannot think of things to write
I’m somehow blocked today
Topics come and subjects go
But they don't seem to stay!

You don’t know how this kills me.
I want to write so bad!
I plead for inspiration
But there’s none here to be had.

The words flit by me, taunting
Just inches out of reach
And I try so hard to grasp them
But they laugh and turn to flee.

It’s sad, this inability.
And frustrating too—
When there’s a poem you want to write
And that you cannot do!

I bite my lip and hem and haw
And think as hard’s I can
Alas for me! It seems that I’m
An uninspired man!

Defeat, at last, claims me its own.
There’s naught for me to say.
Just hang my head and shuffle off
And try another day.

This will come back to haunt me
I know I’ll dream tonight
Of writer’s block I couldn’t break—
The poem I could not write!

~ © Andrea Grace

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