Saturday, April 16, 2011

Drawings on the Sidewalk

A cloudy day, and gloomy out
But I could see the sun
A little girl
With yellow chalk
Had drawn a smiling one

Her hand was painted rainbow hues
As she held tight the chalk
She drew her world
So brightly there
Upon the grey sidewalk

A princess in her tower room
With hair as dark as night
A dragon green
And breathing flame
Prince Charming there to fight

A river wound through all that land
And birds flew very high
The fluffy clouds
Hung lazily
Suspended in the sky

The little artist sitting there
And painting where I’d walk
The only tools
That she would use
Her box of colored chalk

I don’t know why I stayed right there
And watched that little girl
As flowers grew
Beneath her hands
Inside her little world

A drop of water fell on me
And on the smiling sun
And that small girl
Picked up her chalk
And she began to run

She disappeared inside her house
And left me standing there
A tear rolled down
The dragon’s cheek
And blurred the princess’ hair

The colors ran together
As the rain washed them away
And I just watched
The sidewalk turn
From rainbows back to grey

~ © Andrea Grace


  1. So, I'll skip the whole "can't wait to read your book" shpeel, and simply say I loved it. The eighth stanza is my favorite. I love when you post.

    Oh, and hardcover, please.

  2. Very beautiful. Thank you. Hey, have you written non-rhyming poetry? I think you would be awesome at it. You have a great grasp of language.

  3. Aaahhhhhh, have I mentioned that I loooove this?
    Love love love.
    I think I shall frame it.
    And I agree with Rachel. That stanza struck me as well.


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