Friday, August 20, 2010

The Man Who Could Not See

How do you tell of color
To a man whose eyes lack sight?
How can you tell of sunrise
If he cannot see the light?

How can you play him music
If he cannot hear the words?
How can he smile and sing along
If he has never heard?

If you let him have a Hershey’s bar
You know it’d go to waste—
He wouldn’t care for chocolate
If the fellow could not taste.

Why would he touch a rabbit’s fur
If he has never felt?
Does he know of cookies baking 
If the man has never smelt?

But even if he knew the world,
If he could see and hear:
If he could feel and smell and taste
And lived a hundred years,

If he heard every pretty tune
And saw all gorgeous things
He never could know happiness
If he knew not the King.

~ © Andrea Grace

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