Friday, October 15, 2010

Smoke On The Wind

A fire once burned here; the smell is still lingering
It left naught but cinders and ashes of grey
The smoke curls up skyward and fades into nothing
Like memories I had of those long-ago days

Like smoke on the wind are the friends that I had once
Their memory is dimming, I don’t know their names
The words that they told me I barely recall now
The laughter we shared once is mostly the same

I thought it would last, though. I thought we would stay
Best buddies forever. I guess that’s not so.
Like smoke on the wind, like a ghost in the hallway
I thought it was friendship, but I didn’t know.

Like smoke on the wind, the harder you grasp it
The faster it slips through your fingers and fades
When you open your hands, there is nothing to see there
Was it even real in the very first place?

Like smoke on the wind are the friendships I had once
Or thought that I had; for perhaps they were dreams
The people existed. I know that for certain;
But if they were friends still remains to be seen

Like smoke on the wind, maybe real, maybe not
For awhile you see, but it soon disappears
A small puff of air dissolves those grey tendrils
The same way we friends couldn’t last through the years

 Perhaps it was time, or perhaps it was distance
Perhaps ‘twas the differing paths that we chose
Whatever it is, I can scarcely remember
The days we had once. Guess that’s just how it goes.

Only smoke on the wind… it looks real for a moment
But once it is gone, then you can comprehend
It never had substance or any real meaning
And maybe ‘twas good that it came to an end

Smoke on the wind, never real, never there
You think that it was, but you can’t really tell
And you watch it drift upward, are sure it’s a real thing
But maybe it just has you under its spell

Smoke on the wind, it sure muddles your head
You can’t quite think straight, cannot see through the mist
One blink and it’s gone, leaving you there, bewildered
Was it just a dream? Did it really exist?

Smoke on the wind isn’t real; you can’t feel it
Just an illusion, a beautiful sight
A memory of nothing, a moment of pleasure
But you know in the end just a passing delight

Smoke on the wind can’t torment me; it won’t.
Sometimes I admit that I want it to stay
But smoke cannot help me, won’t be what I’m needing
I guess I must just let the smoke drift away.

Just smoke on the wind, all those friendships now vanished
I thought that I knew them, but maybe I’m wrong
Smoke on the wind, only smoke in the ending
Smoke that was here but next moment was gone.

~ © Andrea Grace

1 comment:

  1. "Was it just a dream? Did it really exist?"
    ...with tears I write this.

    Yes! Yes! It was real!
    It's not gone, only injured.
    There's still love and memories.
    There's still time that was spent together...
    No one is perfect, and all make mistakes,
    but the mistakes that are made only add
    more history to a friendship...
    Mistakes that if worked through
    will also add more strength.

    "Smoke on the wind..."
    It's not what we don't see anymore...
    We can't touch the past,
    we can't see the future,
    It's the things that we saw
    and felt in the past.
    The fruits that were bore before...

    A bad tree cannot produce good fruit.
    A good tree cannot produce bad fruit.
    but a tree can go through a season
    of not bearing any fruit.
    It does not mean the tree is dead.
    It does not mean the tree was fake.
    It only means the tree is regaining strength
    to produce fruit again.

    ...And I believe that someday when winter has past, the good tree will produce good fruit once again!

    I love you so so so much, Andrea! :')


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