Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I wandered in a graveyard
In the silence, in the dark
And read the names
Inscripted on
Each stone that bore a mark

I read their dates of birth
And I read too their dates of death
Those solemn lines
That told the tale
Of stopped heart; stolen breath.

Sometimes I could not read the dates
On some, the names were gone
An empty stone
A nameless ghost
A life forgotten long

A person once, that danced and laughed
And sang and ate and slept
Has now become
A silent thing
A memory never kept

I never saw their faces
I never knew their names
But still these empty
Silent stones
Inspire curious pain

Perhaps one day, my headstone too
Will crumble down or fade
My face will vanish
Just the same
As theirs were snatched away

I'll never know their names at all
And they will not know mine
We'll, all of us
Be only ghosts
From once upon a time

~ © Andrea Grace

I went to South Carolina with the family I work for (who I love), and the history there was just awesome. I wrote this after walking in a cemetary near where we stayed. Also, I decided that I believe in ghosts. Wholeheartedly.


  1. Creepy.... eerie... ghostly....

    You've done it again, Andre! It makes me wonder, where does the past exist today? What really happens to history? I mean, all these people in their graves had a life once. Where does that life exist today? Where does God put the events that happened years ago?

    I hope He has a special box for them. There's nothing I'd love more than to break into that box and steal ALL the secrets!

    Disturbing thought, really.

  2. Oh, my goodness, Tina. I have had the exact same thoughts! Of COURSE the past still exists. It's around here somewhere. I didn't quite think of the box thing, but now you mention it, I'm sure there is one. We should go on a quest to find The Box.


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