Tuesday, March 20, 2012


They took my notebook— burned it up!
And my computer too! 
'Cause I had written things they thought
No person but them knew

Their secrets all were in there
(It's true I snooped around)
And all the plans they had conceived.
They hid, but then I found!

I looked through filing cabinets
I had to break some codes
I may have hacked computers,
And I might have stolen notes

'Til finally I had it all— 
Their whole entire plot!
I was about to tell the world
But found that I could not!

They broke into my house (the fiends!)
My proof, my records— gone
They think that they can force me to
Just shut up and move on

But they don't know me well enough.
They left one thing behind. 
They took my notes; but their mistake—
They left me with my mind!

~© Andrea Grace

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